Well I have the JVC 200u.


Well I have the JVC 200u. I love it. I think what won me over to the JVC was…

1) A real lens. Depth of field,professionalcontrol, andinterchangeablelenssystem.

2) I can use my professionalbatterieswith it. Anton Bauer. (But you can also use IDX V-brickbatteries.)

3) Itsitson the shoulder instead of all the weight being on your arms.

4) It’s much better in low light.

Also, knowing people who do have the Panasonic and reading some story’s. The P2 cards and P2 reader, have crashed on them, loosing all of there footage.

For me, I like the fact of using tapes better then solid state cards because. I can always go back to a tape several months or so later and just re-download it. Were as the solid state cards once you delete that footage, You lose it! Unless you have a HUGE hard drive to store all that footage. Or unless you burn to a dvd, but then your compressing it so you loose quality.

What I do like about the Panasonic is, it can over crank and under crank footage (do to the P2 cards). But the average person doesn’t really need this.

But Honestly, if your going to go solid state, Irecommendthe new Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM. I got to test drive it, and it’s very nice and the SxS cards are much cheaper.

Just my .02 =)


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