Well I happen to import fo


Well I happen to import footage from an XL2 to FCP at school about every day so I dohave “advice.” The times I’ve had that same “looking for timecode” message are firstwhen the frame rate changes during capture. For me this happens when someone elseswitches the frame rate during recording”for the heck of it.” πŸ™ I don’t like those people. Anyway, is there any way you may have accidentally switched frame rates from one shot to another? If not I think even prolonged gaps in the tape during capturecause something to ceaseup. Either way I send a few choice words to the XL2 for doing this.

Also, what brand tapes are you using for theZR25MC? I honestly don’t know and may sound like a n00b for this, BUT Iown a panasonic gs300 camcorder and FUJIFILM tapes cause noise noise noise NOISE…not much unlike this: $&%(#$(%$%%()^%*&*)!$!^*$*%^$*#%*)!#$)%!*%!*&gs300?!*#*%!%*()!screwyourquality!!*()#!%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you use fujifilm tapes thenI suggest panasonic from now (or forever hold your peace) on.


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