Well, I happen to be in t

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Well, I happen to be in the opposite situation, in that I’m starting my career instead of retiring. Coincidentally, I went to Chico State, which is where Videomaker is located. Anyway, I’ve had a bunch of people suggest making Real Estate Vids. With video production, it’s about finding that niche. And this is definitely a market that hasn’t been tapped in to. After reading all of these posts, I would definitely agree that it seems a lot of marketing would need to take place to get clients, even if you are offering a low price. I’ve never bought or sold a house, but I get the impression Realtors are pretty stingy.

I’ve already invested in HD equipment for weddings, but that stuff is time consuming. Brides insanely undervalue a good HD production until their wedding is over. Then they want a fricken Hollywood production, and its too late. So I’ve been trying to figure out other ways to make money with HD video.

So here is what I am thinking. It seems pretty easy to shoot and edit a Real Estate video in a day. It’s basically just a B-Roll video with music and a couple of titles. If videographers can do same day wedding videos, than I better damn well be able to do a same day real estate video.

So if that goes to plan, I am totally willing to charge 100 bucks. And again, this is just to start out and get the feel of things. After figuring out how to market the product, I could charge more, take on bigger projects, and maybe it will lead some where. But AT WORST, I’d have a ton of quality HD video demo material.

Not that anyone cares, but my two ideal jobs are A) make travel videos, destination video, etc. (Travel Channel) and B) get into buying and selling real estate.

So the whole Video Realestate idea doesn’t seem like a bad thing to experiment with for awhile.

Do you guys think I should just go for it, or continue along the HD wedding path?

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