Well – I guess the the dec


Well – I guess the the decision was more or less accidentally made for me. I was piecing together the camera and some accessories into my Amazon cart just to get an idea of the price range I was looking at. (the camerais not available at B&H yet).

This morning the door bell rang, and to my surprise UPS delivered the PanasonicHDC-SDT7503D camera. Apparently when I got up from the computer, my 7 year old sat down and hit the confirm order button. I know from the past it is WAY too easy to order from them and I have meant to remove my stored payment option from them – now I know I should procrastinate no longer. And with Amazon Prime, I had dirt cheap next day delivery (thankfully!)

Anyhow – I decided to play around with it. The 2D video looks decent – I will not complain. I do not own a 3D television or any other 3D equipment yet, but I did a test upload to YouTube and theyprocessed it just fine (you just need to add the correct tag)and I was able to turn on the Green/Magenta glasses option in the 3D tab. I put on my 3D glasses that came with Monsters Vs Aliens last year to use with the special feature (Bobs big break?). Everything looked pretty darn good if I must say so. I changed it to B&W as well just because the color can get a bit annoying with the tinted glasses, but it worked either way none the less.

I would post the video here right now, but it was video of a very messy desk, and I think that is best kept private for now – but it really helped the effect! I need to get moving to work here and my testing was limited today, but I hope to get some more thorough testing in the next couple days and share some samples!

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