Well, I finally got it to


Well, I finally got it to download. I will say that it is a little long for me BUT, I have no emotional tie to the team & Ido understand that it was created for the basketball team in mind as your target audience. With that aside, I think that you followed the action well and did get several othershots such as crowd/reaction, cheerleaders and coach. I noticed that you zoomed in on players several times after they scored which helped tomake things interesting. Overall, I think the editing matched the music pace well. I liked the instant replay and the blurred edges of the frame to center my attention on a player. I wasn’t crazy about the execution of the blurry videoin the opening. I think I understand what you were going for, but not sure if it was quite right. Overall, I think you did a good job.

By the way, what kind of equipment were you using? (camera, tripod, editing software, etc)

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