Well I don’t mind register


Well I don’t mind registered charity, or special community event projects, where there is some kind of tax write off or tangible marketing benefit… but for making music videos, I’d perceive three difficulties..

1) The people downloading the videos want something for nothing, and have no reason to call me about a paying job. and if they did call, they won’t be willing to pay to fly me out to thier location.

2) The musicians giving thier songs away are probably not gonna pay to fly me out and shoot a video for them for a song they are giving away.

3) With neither the musician, nor the videographer making a profit nor wage, the only one who benefits is the guy hosting the website…. the only paying customers are the advertisers on your site.

so you send me paying customers, I’ll shoot, and I don’t care if they release the project under CC Licensing.

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