Well, I didn’t make it to


Well, I didn’t make it to Nam. As a matter of fact, my free ticket on the big flat top was finished approximately 8 years and 2 months prior to the big fire (and near extinction of John McCain). Glad I was gone prior to the fire as my General Quarters station required me to exit to the flight deck and go back to another door to the deck where the hand held CCA radar operator stood. My job was to maintain the CCA radar so I spent many an hour there watching the birds fly out and back in. I also maintained one of the antennas at the very top of the mast and spent several hours at the very top.

As to the filter, it has not created a problem yet but I will now know to look at quality. With the new ‘No Smoking’ law in OH, I should not be bothered with cleaning the nicotene from the lens. So far, just to remember to restart the camera when I put it in standby, is a lot for me. I have stopped recording at a lengthy timeout and forgot to restart. Didn’t know it until the camera timed out and turned it self off. My face was RED! I will use the filter on all outdoor activities.

And — I read the book more and will try to capture a picture from tape and also see what I get by capturing from from one of the DVDs. But I don’t expect good enough quality from the DVD.

I am slowly learning.

Please keep shooting the advice. Just don’t expect me to take it all in at once.


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