Well I did sell my video e


Well I did sell my video equipment, to myself. This is going to be a weird explanation. A close relative became aware that I was trying to sell my video equipment. She has had me do many projects, family friends kind of stuff and has always rewarded me very well. Anyway she called me and inquired, so I told her what I was trying to do. She has always been aware of my IgAN and as a self health practitioner has “doctored” me over the years, nothing that will hurt me of course. Once she heard what I was trying to do she was set back, she feels that I am good with a camera and editing and hated the idea of me selling my stuff off. So she made me a deal, here is the deal, sit down for this.

She “pays” me $1,300.00, I keep all my equipment and shoot when I feel up to it and edit in my good times. If I ever try to “resell” my video equipment I own her $1,300.00. If something does happen it is passed on to my wife or sons. But I cannot ever “sell” it since it was sold to me.

You all got all that right. My wife just looked at me and tilted her head and said “That is the weirdest sell I have ever heard of.”

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