Well ! .. I am seriously and


Well ! .. I am seriously and truly puzzled . I have been testing out Media Composer for almost a month now and found nothing else than problems let alone how slow it is compared to other platforms.
I have been editing since 2007, started off with Premiere 5.0 and Matrox and in 2 days I was burning ground as fast as, found my way around quickly and adapted to its deficiencies with patience. When I changed it was only because I had to work with a broadcasting unit and I chose Newtek VT4 /5 and discovered their NLE system.
I was amazed to know that that software had been able to accept any kind of footage and frame-rates on the same timeline and all in real time for almost a decade when every other software was struggling to do so even in 2006. The speed of editing in simply incomparable as the all philosophy behind the interface is radically different, it’s simply the CORRECT ONE ! !
The timeline is endless and covers the all page, there are 5 different pages that can be accessed (mainly for broadcasting purposes but nothing stops the editor from opening 5 different projects and work on all of them at the same time.
All nodes and keyframes can be viewed directly under the timeline itself with a clear reference to the footage.
Too many attributes to list here as it goes on forever.
Just don’t understand why the company decided not to continue with it and completely devoted its new business to broadcast only with the new Tricaster.
I don’t know of anybody who has worked on ether VT5 or indeed the stand alone Speed edit (not quite as good) and hasn’t felt devastated having been forced to revert to other traditional systems because of the new technologies and formats.
I also have been suffering the same pain since 2012 when I started using my new RED digital camera and of course had to revert back to the 5 time slower scenarios of the too conservative and old fashion NLEs.
Seems to me that who designed AVID is constantly relating to the old moviola system, almost as if one wanted to create a modern vehicle but still powered by steam.

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