Well, honestly I didn’t spell


Well, honestly I didn't spell anything incorrectly; it was a matter of poor grammar. When it comes to the subject of using proper grammar on a forum, I don't consider it an important matter simply because I don't feel I need prove myself on a forum where you cannot link my username to my real identity.


SolonQuinnStudios, Has been doing video production in Syracuse since 2006. They currently charge $10,000 or more for production of commercials. I can produce the exact same quality and talented work as them; honestly my work will have a greater marketing edge and better motion graphics.


That point aside, Based on the said information above being considered as true, do you think it is an acceptable price to charge $3,000, for what will be undeniably the same quality as the top production studio that charges $10,000. My barrier to competing with them comes down to two things, the simple statement that I am inexpirenced having only been in business for one month as of yet, and that I am only twenty years old. Another point to consider is that I do not as of yet have my own studio space. I use room in my house to edit and do voice over, but no commercial space to offer customers for staged shots. I don't think this is necessary to produce amazing content, I can certainly come up with amazing quality commercials on site, or in local commercial area's.


I guess I am sold pricing on an hourly rate, if that is what everyone is doing then it should not bother customers who are accustomed to professional production firms.


You seem think that expirence trumps talent, In a some areas of work, and parts of life this is true in a sense. But in a field where Talent is so clearly revered, it is only logical that in video production Talent Far exceeds expirence. To defend this point I will say that a talented individual will gain more expirence in a field that requires talent in some shape or form in the same time as an individual who has less talent. In other words on the base level the talented person will grow faster and exceed the more expirenced individual because they learn and grow at a faster rate.


Thank you for giving me helpful information and insight guys!


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