well….hmmmmmmmm….. i w


well….hmmmmmmmm….. i was basically running and sliding and crawling and wiggling my way around and getting into everything. since it was my first and i was alone, we took all the dancing footage and just added the real version of the song they were playing at the time instead of the actual sound from the dj, etc.

I like your ideas better though. Just never thought about it. Iriver huh? I’ll have to check get it *check into that when I’m not broke.

I def could use more cams and persons filming, but can’t afford. You would still be amazed at the high quality of this video. Not one person has asked the questions you guys have. (they aren’t pros, but they didn’t notice either). I didn’t get much of the "I do’s" but haven’t gotten a complaint. I wanted to use wireless lavaliers or something, but don’t have them. Plus, the preacher said that this is NOT a Hollywood studio and was not very happy that the couple wanted the event filmed. So I was limited from the get go. I worked my tail completely off-I mean, I could barely walk after the whole day of running around with my cam. So it ended up like I deserved for it to- absolutely amazing. I think Luck had a lot to do with it, but so did my hard work. I didn’t even eat the whole day!

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