well, for that price range


well, for that price range I don’t think you are going to be able to really find a 3 chip camera that has 16:9 chips. And you really must get a 3 chip cam. I would suggest saving up some money and going with either the canon XL2, since it has true 16:9 chips or one of the HDV cams that shoot 16:9.
The XL2 will give you all that you mentioned, XLR audio connectivity, 16:9 resolution, and 24p recording. And it is really a very nice dv camera. That’s about double your price range, but the truth is you will have to forego one or more of the options you mentioned to get in the $2000 range.
I own a canon GL2, it does what you would call a cheesy 16:9 it’s not true 16:9 resolution, and it doesn’t do 24p either so you probably shouldn’t get that. Same with the sony vx2100, pd150, pd170 although very nice cams, they do not have those features. Almost any camera can use a beachtec audio XLR box if they don’t have xlr built in.
If those features are really important to you, you can either take a loan and get a more expensive camera now, or save up and get one later. My advise though is don’t sacrifice quality and important features, you will regret it later.


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