Well for one thing the 24mm


Well for one thing the 24mm pancake on the 700D is actually about a 40mm equivalent, meaning expect the same amount of shake you'd be getting using a 40mm on a Canon 5D full frame, which is not optimal………… next thing is you might want to tuck both elbows into the sides of your body with hands up toward your chin and keep your legs straight, walking gently heel to toe, not bent like so many incorrectly state.  Look up Stefan Czech on youtube, he is a certified Glidecam trainer in Germany and has an excellent 5 or 6 part tutorial which will partly apply to your use.  Try the Tokina 11-16mm lens, and, lastly, slow your footage down in post and you will get pleasing results.  In Stefan's tutorial series you will see that he has students practice carrying a full cup of water like a glidecam, trying not to spill, which may be of interest to you for some practice.  Once you get optimized, post us a follow up video of the progress.

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