well for a limited budget


well for a limited budget of 3000, you are going to have an incredibly tough time to get something going because it takes quite a bit to get a production going. it’s just like a business it takes a lot of initial funding for assets to get going. for starters what equipment do you have so far? because if you have absolutely zero equipment it’s going to be hard buying more than two decent cameras and tripods for 3000. also what is it that you actually want to accomplish? are you going to be airing these on air? live? online? there are a lot of obstacles here. the projection is another that is especially tricky because with the bright lighting in a hockey rink you have a lot of light reflecting off the ice and you need in incredibly powerful projector, in excess of 10-15,000 lumens so your crowd can actually see it. think of watching a projection screen in a room with the sun coming in through the windows. it needs to be dark to effectively see it. that’s going to set you back in excess of several thousand, plus the screen. i myself run 4 manned cameras, 3 overhead cameras, a replay machine, and a highlight computer recording and editing the game on the fly, i run all of these through a switcher with a graphics computer running on screen graphics over the feed then send it out over our local cable network live with commercials on tape played back at our studio. granted this is much more than what you intend to do, it just takes a LOT of initial funding for equipment and dedicated personnel to do it. our studio is all student run and we get money making advertisments. but for you to get two decent cameras, a projector, screen, tripods, cables, etc. you are looking at around 10,000 plus at the bare minimum.

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