well – first thing is that


well – first thing is that producing good professional videos is expensive, time consuming needs proper editing equipment and audio equipment, and bags of talent. It’s the video version of saying you want to become a plastic surgeon – what app do you need to get?

This probably isn’t the place to do this – but essentially there are two basic techniques used for videos of this kind. Record them live, with multiple cameras. A singer who plays guitar is two sound sources, so vocal mic and a guitar mic. You can add the usual effects and balance them in post fairly simply. Two or three video cameras, which you then cut together and sync up. Sounds simple, but it only works with a good musician. Increase it to four band members and the microphone inputs might go up to 16 or more. The cameras will almost certainly need proper lighting and getting a good performance in one take can be tricky.

The usual solution to many of these is to mime (lip-sync being the current terminology that doesn’t use the M word).

You record the same track, over and over again from different angles with a single camera, or multiple cameras. In the edit you glue it all back together.

Any attempt to use the on camera microphone won’t give good sound in anything other than the most simple acoustic song. Cheap or free editing software won’t have the ability to do this either – meaning spending money. I’ve just finished editing one song recording on stage, using multiple cameras and playback. 3 minutes took two days in the edit, and 3 hours on stage – not including the half a day of rigging.

Youtube is great, but music videos are amazingly time consuming. Maybe you could hire the kit? Do any of you have an experience? Media studies in college? That kind of thing. The learning curve is really steep, and budgets really high! Of course you could video with mobile phones, and edit on free software – but a music channel has to have quality audio, perhaps more important than the images?

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