Well first off, unless you


Well first off, unless you have a "TRIAL" version of Final Cut Pro (Current version only comes as a compo with 4 other programs) you are going to pay at least $1,199 for the production suite. I would not recomment getting an older version than 5. FCP 6 in production suite 2.

From the MAC site it is $1,299.
If you go to BH Photo Video you can get it for $1,199 with no shipping cost.

Regarding the MAC computer to use. I am new to mac as well but I assure you that if you are well versed in the PC you’ll pick up the mac fairly quickly.

With the software, if you’ve used Adobe Premier Pro or equiv software you’ll pick up FCP quickly.

If you do a search on the internet look for the software specs. That should tell you the minimum you will need to run it.

To put into perspective, I just bought a MAC pro for $4,110 with

    2- Dual core processors,
    750GB HD,
    4 GB memory
    2 Nvidia video cards.

FCP still lags a little, but just a little but at least it does not crash every 5 minutes like windows. I can actually get some work done with this.

But I think you could get an iMac with a reasonable amount of memory and you should be fine.

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