Well, everyone…its done!  I


Well, everyone…its done!  I put together what I think is a decent production.  It is 9:15 long.  I'm my own worst critic, but my wife is even worse.  If the video didn't work, she certainly let me know.  She likes it.


I decided pretty early on to just take Kenny Chesney's "Boys of Fall" and simply follow the lyrics.  I found a version of the song with the Saint's Sean Payton talking to his old high school team before a game and boy is the speach powerful.  It really added to the song.  I then followed it up with Uncle Krakcker's You Make Me Smile.  I think the latter will help soothe the 4-6 season at the banquet.  I do not intend to sell the DVD because I recognize these are copyrighted songs, but if anyone wants one I will find a way to burn it at no charge.


I learned a very valuble lesson:  back up your material!!!  I had basically the entire thing done with about 3 games to go, and then opened the project only to find all my video was "corrupted."  I was sick.  I was able to recover about 75% of it through time machine, but I did lose about 25% of my footage.  I thought "thank God I don't do this for money or someone would be pi$$ed!"


So THANK YOU all for your suggestions.  I checked back often to review your suggestions!

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