Well, depends on what you


Well, depends on what you want to do with the filming. I have been a 35mm stills serious amateur photographer for 25 years. I lived on Aperture priority because the eyes can be led, by selecting depth of field carefully, to what you want to focus on – it is one of the best tools in photography.

When I bought my Sony Z5 with the 1/3″ sensors, I found out that I did not have that shallow depth of field tool and therefore, every damn thing was in focus (for all intents and purposes) and I could NOT select my target for the viewers eyes. Frustrated, I soon learned that the image sensor has a direct optical relationship to the quality of the boketh, that beautiful out of focus background that makes film so beautiful. I solved that with the Canon 5DMk2 where the film sensor is enormous – almost 4x the size of a Hollywood film frame.

Now I have too much shallow depth of field and it is very hard to get a moving object in focus unless I stop down to f4-5.6 or a wide angle lens. Focus pulling is really a talent that needs a lot of care and practice, but the effect can be wonderful.

So, what is the best? 4/3″, Canon 7D size, Red One sized sensors, the Canon5D if you stop the lens down to f4-5.6 or so, Sony NEX cameras. But the Canon does what Hollywood cannot do – super shallow DoF. It can be stunning if used right.

1/4″. It will always look TVish, amateur non professional and if that is your game – go for it, but you will never get beautiful, emotional, warm and dramatic footage with wonderful boketh and selective DoF. The advantage is that you almost never have to concern yourself about focus. Not for me.

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