Well, after talking it ove


Well, after talking it over with one of my roommates (I have 5), we have an idea of who we think it might be. One of the roommates had his brother and a friend over the other night (The night before I noticed it missing). The roommate was not here, so it was just his brother and the friend for most of the time. I was working late that nite, and they were gone before I got there. Obviously, I have no proof of any of this, but the roommate is going to mention it to his parents and have them keep an eye out.

When my other roommate returned from visiting home for a few weeks, he said that his PDA was missing as well as a few pair of pants. So, we’re figuring it’s probably the same people.

I’m not sure how I could go about doing the reward thing. The brother and his friend live about an hour away, and they probably won’t be coming back any time soon. I’m really hoping and praying that they turn up, but if they don’t, at least that’s all they took. There’s plenty of other stuff in the house they could have taken, but granted, those were probably the smallest most expensive things they could have taken.

Thanks for the advice. I’m really not sure what to do other than file a police report, at least to have it on record.

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