Well – 3 chip cameras have


Well – 3 chip cameras have depth, and just a different look. Edge detail is different, the colour rendition is different and the signal to noise is different. single chip cameras look a little flatter and on a decent monitor, less good. Standard definition from a camera with decent optics is noticeable. Many so called HD cameras have really cheap lenses and optically inferior imaging chips – yet they have 1920 x 1080 output. Some of the ⅔” real lenses cost more than many cameras, because the glass is excellent. The same thing happens with still cameras. You can put a £50 lens on a DSLR or a £2000 lens – one looks better, doesn’t it?

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Best After Effects and motion graphics template sites – 2021

You have the tools needed to create stunning motion graphics, but do you have the time? If not, using motion graphics templates can be a great way to add polish to a production without blowing your deadline.