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Welcome to the forum Marko. Like Birdcat mentioned “Looks like a couple used Video Co-Pilot’s Evolution…”. I visit your website and all the animation you have there are an exact copy of Video Copilots tutorials (I know because I have done like half the tutorials). I strongly advise you to not be a copycat. Come up with your own unique animations and do not post as your own (especially in your website) identical content from another person. That plagiarism, at least mention the source. I’m not trying to be rude or get you discourage at all, like cschiltz314 mentioned “we all want to improve ourselves and look at everything with a critical eye”. Be advise that high paying clients will not be happy with you making them an exact copy of an animation from another person. If you have done all those tutorials from Video Copilot I think you are
more than prepared to come up with your own original animations.

One tip for making animations in After Effects, go to Youtube and see what others are doing, but do not make an exact animation you see in one video. Use the Frankenstein method, take pieces from a couple of videos and then make one “monstrous animation” combining them. Another tip, look at your surroundings, you may come up with something unique. One time I was venturing in some mountain and I wonder if I could put a tank there along with an army of people shooting each other. I did, not with the best video quality (you cannot expect much from the camera I had then, a DCR SR47), but I did. Check out my video here. Almost all of it was done in After Effects.

Now I want to do something more realistic, like “Search and Destroy” from Video Copilot, but mine will be in the woods with some powerful Aikido style combat.

Use your creative mind, make new animations and keep learning. Here in Videomaker you have a community of people that really like video and we are here to support each other. Keep doing video my friend.

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