Weddings are a little diff


Weddings are a little different from, say, a scripted show, because again, there’s an expectation that you’re going to be recorded. Over 90% of brides hire some form of professional, be it photo or video, for their wedding, and indeed photography is even part of the wedding tradition anymore.

Because of this expectation, what we’ve been told is that no, we do not need to gather releases from every participant, even if we would show clips from the video in public (say as an advertisement or a demo reel). By attending an event where photographic recording of guests is common and expected, they void any right to privacy from being photographed or videotaped. Or at least that’s what my lawyer told me that our state law allows.

Now for some shoots for a wedding (for example if yhou’re making a staged video on a set to be played at a wedding) you still need releases, butthat’s an entirely different beast.

And as always, don’t take my word for it. Lawyers are more affordable than you’d think!

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