WeddingMaster, your lack of

AvatarDamian Lloyd

WeddingMaster, your lack of ethics is appalling. If I lean my bike against my house or against a stsore downtown, and you take it without my permission, you're a thief — plain and simple. The fact that you REALLY WANT to use my property doesn't give you any right to do so. A functioning adult should be able to understand this rudimentary principle.


You're also ignorant of the law, which is not a good thing in a business owner. It's not a "lawyer's playground". The law is very clear; it's an open-and-shut case, and you lose. The USAnian government won't investigate you, because that's not how copyright-infringement cases work, but Louis Armstrong's estate might.


You are correct on one point: It's unlikely that anything bad will happen to you, because you're too small-time. But if you ever do a wedding at which one of the guests is a lawyer for BMI/ASCAP or RIAA, you're out of business and possibly bankrupt to boot. Only you can decide your acceptable level of risk.


What you can't do is claim you're in the right or somehow a good person. Your only honest position is "I know this is wrong and illegal, but I'm going to do it anyway."


I apologize if I sound harsh, but it's people like you, with exactly this attitude, that make all videographers look bad.


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