Wean? Hell, they cut the c

AvatarGrinner Hester

Wean? Hell, they cut the chord and smacked asses without so much as a “good luck!”. I know a lot of one man banders and new world post houses that were heavily vested in FCP and they all have the same look on their face as I did when I did my first project on my new “HD native” Adrenaline suite. It’s a big WTF stare followed by a sigh, then just a long hug from the Mrs while trying to mute the whimpers. Are they screwed? Not how I see it. Who says they can’t float on version7 for another year or two? While I get their panic…. maaaaaan, chiiiiiiill. This has never been brain surgery. Aint nobody gonna die. Many great works of art have been made with nothing but a chisle and stone.

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