We will be shooting on min


We will be shooting on miniDV and DV, editing in either Vegas or Xpress Pro and then mastering to Beta which the television stations here all require. Just wondering if anyone has experience with Xpress Pro and can justify the additional expense of the program and the hardware interface Mojo, which is supposed to take a major load off your computer.

Two more questions if I might. We need 22 minutes of footage for a 30 minute program. We’ve never had to render something that long. Any idea of rendering times in Vegas vs Xpress?

Also, we have a Panasonic AGDVX100B camera and need to add another. Any suggestions? Of course price is an object – don’t want to cut into the beer fund more than nessessary. Oh, which brings up another thought – how’s multicamera editing in Vegas or Xpress? We’re rookies in that regard.

Thanks in advance to all with ideas to share…

Dr. Rock – Red Wiggler Productions, Titletown, USA

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