We were hired two years ag


We were hired two years ago to cover the couple’s honeymoon in Hawaii. They wanted us to be “on the plane with them, documenting their relationship from boarding to arrival, to departure. We were required to be with them for the first 36 hours – yes, there were two of us – and we were able to do this, trading off so one or the other could rest between takes. We shot pretty much constantly, but not the entire 36 hours.

From about noon on the day after, and two days more, we pretty much documented where they went, what they did, how much they drank, but no more of the consumation stuff, that was ONLY for the first night. They were, however, quite amorous many times anyway, and the groom seemed VERY proud of his bride, willing to show off most of her attributes. She was totally cooperative with his wishes, going above and beyond to please.

I, being male, was not a part of the consumation scene, that was shot by my female partner.

We generated and signed a non-disclosure, privacy agreement and turned over the original tapes as they were acquired, the groom signing off upon receipt of each. I have NO idea what the outcome of the marriage, the tapes or anything might be.

The groom had what he needed to preview the footage as received, and he was very complimentary of our abilities, and professional decorum, on the plane back. We were, obviously, included in pretty much everything that transpired, and got a number of referrals from other members of the bridal party, friends and family.

Nobody seemed to think any of this was weird. I sure do wish we’d been able to keep SOMETHING, even if NOT the consumation part, to reflect this – our largest and most envolved wedding video production ever.

Yes, if you were in the Beautiful People scene in and around Southern California, you’d likely recognize the names and faces.

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