We went through a rough pe


We went through a rough period at our shop where we had to set up a 3 or 4 multi-cam switched live-to-tape production in less than 2 hours at various locations, sometimes twice a day. Intercom was critical, but running cable for our old Telex system, was not working out.
We were on a tight budget and opted for one of the higher end Motorola FRS walkie talkie systems. Getting everyone trained on the system was a little time consuming since there are some quirks with the design, but it was wireless and cheap! We had lightweight headsets for each unit.
Interference from outside users was never an issue. Only two problems we ever encountered with the system:
1) You can’t hold the talk button down forever. If you’re talking for more than a couple of minutes, the system generates the most awful disorienting alarm in EVERY USER’S ear.
2) Probably at least once or twice during a shoot one of the units would trigger that alarm for no apparent reason. Offending unit has to be turned off, then turned back on. Problem solved.
Cheap efficient intercom system. Might work for you.

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