We (VA Cycling & ACCC) have


We (VA Cycling & ACCC) have been looking at newer options for finish recording. Our current setup is an older model Canon camcorder outputting to a Macbook via an HDV/DV to Thunderbolt cable using iMovie. It works great and allows for instant review of the finish. No waiting for encoding and transferring from an SD or HD to the computer. The downside is the HDV/DV cameras have been discontinued. There’s also a learning curve for a newer Official running the setup.
We have tried many of the iPhone based options such as Coaches Eye. They work great and are even better than the MacBook setup under the right conditions. But, as soon as the lighting is too bright or too dark they weaker “camera” and software of the iPhone fail and cause issues.
In my recent searching, the best option is to invest in an outboard converter that will take the output of the newer cameras and convert it to something that can be inputted in to a Mac. This may be for the better though…. this will allow for the potential for live streaming as well as possibly integrating in to some of the up and coming finish processing like Webscorer.

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