we shouldn’t discount till


we shouldn’t discount till it hurts to earn business. We should earn business by providing a professional, valuable, creative service exceeding the customers expectations and offering that service at a "resonable price".

I’m a rookie in the "business". It’s actually a side business. I produce photo montages, tape to DVD conversions, family history interviews, and sports scholarship/highlight videos.

When I first started for "pay" in 2004, I did stuff for dirt cheap considering my product. I spend hours on projects and always, always give it my best effort. I have yet to have a customer whose expectations weren’t exceeded when they got their video. It usually starts right when they see the case and cover of the DVD, "Wow!! I didn’t expect this! This looks great!".

I raised my prices after I started doing subcont work for a full-time wedding videographer. He told me that I was dramatically underselling myself and this was before the first photo montage I did for him. He added $50 to the first invoice I sent him and he said, "that still wasn’t enough".

I’m still not high, but I’m not super cheap anymore either. I’ve had a couple of potential customers run off after a quote I gave them. Thats ok though. All of my customers have either come back for more videos or have brought me new customers. If youre looking for pricing ideas, poll the internet and/or call videographers and ask them. Ive found that most are very, very informative and helpful (2 of the ones Ive spoke with sub out work to me occasionally). The guy Ive done work for charges his customers $250 for an a la carte 50 picture photo montage without pan/zoom (price listed on his website). He did over 60 weddings last year and all of those folks bought the photo montage.

It took me a while to understand this, but don’t underestimate your talent. Yes, most computer literate folks CAN make a photo montage, but not as many are willing to put in the time to do it and if you don’t put the time in, you can’t gain the experience needed for a great looking product. I’ve learned that even though I love producing video, I can’t sell myself short for a little bit of cash. Close friends, family with small projects yes, but that’s it.

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