We should not confuse the


We should not confuse the frame rate used in recording, such as 60i or 30p with that used in displaying, such as 700p on a TV. In the latter the 700 refers to the number of horizontal lines of pixels written progressively on the TV screen.

When you record at 60i you get two half interlaced frames, essentially two overlapping images shifted in time by any movement that took place during the time of half a frame, about 1/60th sec. When you shoot at 30p you get one image. I suggest you check this for yourself by shooting some moving subject at both 60i and 30p and compare the results on you computer. Look at individual frames to show the difference most clearly.

I did this using a passing train as subject. I have shown this before, but repeat here below.


My conclusion is that 30p is always better than 60i if there is any motion. And if there is no motion there is no video.

To smooth out motion use an intermediate shutter speed rather that a very fast speed. I show this below.



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