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Shpoonkle, Tori or whoever you are,

Not to mention, all that ‘it’s about the national exposure’ is BS. The people who benefit from these contests are the promoters of the contest. Yes, there may be some exposure as people watch the videos, but it is the contest host that gets the lion’s share of free publicity.

Making videos costs time, money and effort. An expectation of reasonable compensation is not unreasonable. When someone enters a contest for an item they could purchase themselves, in my view that is not reasonable compensation as that is not equal value to the amount of money, time and effort put forth to make the video.

Now if you plan on promoting the winning video other than just by passively placing it on your site, then that would be reasonable depending on how, where and when you do it. But I’d bet my own money, you have no plans to do any of that. In fact, it may be that no one ever receives said iPad 2 as the contest winner and there may be no way to verify that. Meantime, you’ll have received dozens if not hundreds of free videos to use as you will to provide content for your site.

It’s a typical marketing ploy that’s been around for a long time so don’t try and get bent defending your tactics. It’s like ‘Cat said, we’ve seen it all before….

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