We have taken literally o


We have taken literally over a 100K images of our products over the past 9 years. Video is obviously more appealing then still images. My company is in a town of ten thousand people so outsourcing is not a option. We have a budget of $7,500 for the camera, studio and lighting.

We will be shooting all of the products with a white background, like the examples shown. I’m considering buying a 40′ roll of vinyl flooring and flipping it over and painting it. Possibly attaching two of them together. The studio area is 40′ wide by 45’deep. I’m looking for suggestions and ideas on how to get this setup.

We are planning on buying a tape less camera. I’m not sure about Standard Definition DV or High Definition HDV or full HD. Our budget for the camera is around $5000. Is full HD necessary for this type of application?

We use Windows for all of our computers. Were expecting to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.

As far as the lighting we have several two 2’x2′ soft boxes and a few other lights that flash. With a lighting budget of $2,000 what would be the best option for lighting?

Lots of questions, thanks for your time and any advise or feedback that you can offer.

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