We have a setup where I wo


We have a setup where I work here that seems like it would work for you. It pretty much needs to be in a central control room. We have 6 cameras set up with PTZ controls that wire into a switcher. The switcher outputs to a single deck. You can record each camera to HDD, then the master from the switcher to HDD and insert mistakes made by the operator from individual cameras HDD. That eliminates any need for tape all together. You may want to have a tape back up depending on the importance of the video. Does that make any sense? It’s just like switching a football game or NASCAR race on a much much smaller scale. My last employer used FireStore hard drives. They record to most proprietary file formats like Avids OMFI, Final Cut Pro’s Quicktime .mov’s, even .AVI’s and MPEG2 ! I hope that helps.

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