We have a pair of the G3 w


We have a pair of the G3 wireless mics. Couldn’t work without them. Rick’s idea of going directly to camera is good. I’ve never used the mics this way but it makes sense and I’ll try it next time I have the opportunity.

If you decide that going wireless is a better route once you get on location, just make sure the mic is up close to the talent, high on his shirt or jacket and that it isn’t rubbing against anything — clothing, necklace, etc.

Also keep this in mind. Even though the mic is omnidirectional, if the talent turns away from the mic there will be a significant loss of signal. In other words, don’t put the mic on the right lapel of the talent’s jacket if she’s going to be looking to her left most of the time. I’ve had situations where the talent, who wasn’t on camera, stood beside me and did his narration. He was on my right, looking left to me, so I made sure that the mic was on his left side.

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