We have a hi 8 Sony alread


We have a hi 8 Sony already in its case and it has not been used for so metime and we did do edits on this one and albeit they were good they too were time consuming.

Are you saying that the quality of the pic is poor or the quality of getting a decent edited dvd is the major factor?

What my husband and I were thinking about was the fact that we could use individual dvd’s for each of our 4 granchildren’s families.
The thought of editing to be very honest, we did not look into. what we were thinking is that for say our only daughters family we would use a 30 min mini dvd, for when one of the kids birthdays came up and then if it actually turned out to be say 20 minutes so be it. then we would put it back in its case until there was another event in her family and then insert that mini dvd again until we filled the mini dvd.
And then do another mini dvd of her family again for a total of 30 min and then playback on the day of each occasion for her family to see and then burn mini dvd 1 onto a 4.75 and follow it up with the second mini dvd.

Would this work?
Actual editing of the 2 mini dvd’s after put onto the regular 4.75 we did not think about and realize that it is complex.

We see the tape ones out there but have not looked at them b/c we thought that the mini dvd would be convenient to plug into their dvd player and fun for the kids to watch.
Sony recommends R+ BTW.
The better half and I always burn R+ media as that is what is recommended by our BenQ I external support people in Irvine California and we burn the 4.75 Dvd in Dvd ROM, the "exe" that is what BenQ recommended and all of our Dvd’s work on all of our family and friend’s dvd players.

If we return the mini dvd 405 model that we bought is there a suggested home use Sony that a member can recommend?
And what about an editing program.

Nero Express 6 is all that comes with this 405 model.

And we would appreciate comments on the first description made of putting mini dvd 1 on a 4.75 (30 min) and then adding mini dvd 2 onto it to make a full one hour dvd of simply that one family’s events.
And I take it without editing which we were considering further down the road.

Again, all experienced comments would be appreciated.
We were not necessarily going to put a lot of work into editing as we did with our children’s videos when we used the hi 8, however we thought with newer technology that editing would not be so cumbersome.

I hope to hear back soon from members as I should return this model and continue looking as it sounds like we did not research this enough.
I guess one of the attractions with this unit was the Media (mini dvd)as we found the media for our Sony hi 8 which was well over $2000 was getting harder to get and also decent batteries were an issue as well. we used to use Sun Pak and they had a meter to tell you when they would be close to running out. Now it is just plain old batteries.

If tape is still the best then one would have to create a dvd from for instance our Hauppauge Win TV PVR usb2, is that correct?
That was one step we were trying to avoid.
Then what editing user friendly software would be use?

Best regards and I look forward to comments again.

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