We had several wedding vid


We had several wedding videographers in our business association some years ago who purchased steadycam-type devices at one time or another. All sold them within a couple years. Most seemed to feel that the setup time and highly specialized nature of the device simply didn’t justify owning it. And it’s not an out-of-the-box and on to Hollywood device, either. It takes a great deal of practice to get smooth moving shots. It doesn’t strike me as a good business investment just so you can follow a bride down the aisle.

We don’t do wedding video any more but use as inexpensive tripod dolly in our work. We’re often moving it around medical examining tables and it works extremely well. Admittedly, we’re shooting on a solid, level floor but I’ve used it successfully on a firm industrial-type carpet, too. Manfrotto makes a good one.

We also have a monopod (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/554095-REG/Manfrotto_334B_334B_Automatic_Monopod_Black.html) to which we’ve attached a five inch square aluminum plate with rubber padding on the base. Manfrotto also makes several monopods with feet — monopods that stand up. The beauty of the automatic monopod is that it has a pistol grip which, when squeezed, allows the unit to be shortened or lengthened. I use this piece of equipment a great deal. With the base plate we’ve attached it works fairly well as a stabilizer when moving. It’s really great when shooting close ups in situations where a tripod isn’t practical. The base plate sitting on the ground makes for a very steady shot, much steadier than can be obtained with the typical un-footed monopod.


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