We give our clients a “ful


We give our clients a “full version” which is a “live” version of the days events. We are generally able to truncate all of our video (2-3 hours worth)down to about 1 hour. We also do a highlight montage – taking all the footage & creating a movie-like emotional piece. This is set to music, and may include slow-mo, black & white, and other effects & is usually about 5-8 minutes long.

We used to bookmark all of the “sections”, but found that most viewers wouldn’t have any reason to go back & watch just the vows or poetry readings. If they did, it wouldn’t take much to fast forward to the part they want to watch. We tag only the main elements…pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception, and guest interviews. We include both the full version & the montage on one disc with bookmarks for those sections too.

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