We do this all the time in


We do this all the time in our studio environment. We’ll have anywhere between three and five people on our talk-show set with wireless mics. Each mic is fed into out Presonus StudioLive board. We record each mic separately using Soundtrack Pro. Granted it’s not the exact same software, but if Audition will allow you to record multiple tracks at the same time, the Presonus is the key to getting all of your mics individually mixed and sent to be recorded. During a taping, I’m usually pretty good a riding the mics. But occasionally someone makes a comment that wasn’t expected and I have the individually recorded mic feeds to go back to.

As far as mics go, I’m in the shotgun arena. They’re designed to reject off-axis sounds, whereas the lav is going to pick up more ambient noise.

Good luck!
Chris Sebes
Senior Video Editor

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