We do a great deal of work


We do a great deal of work with VHS tapes. I have found that working with “levels” and “color curves” provides much greater control than working with primary color correction and brightness/contrast. It’s not uncommon for old VHS tapes to have either a red or blue cast; color curves does a great job of adjusting these tints.

You might try working like this: ingest the VHS material. Use the Black & White FX to take out all the color and adjust brightness with the “levels” FX in black and white. Then restore color and adjust color with the color curves FX.

Since the image quality of old VHS is pretty poor you might consider cropping by using a black bar at top and bottom, rather than zooming in on the image. If you feel you must zoom in, try using the “Sharpen” FX after the zoom and see if that helps restore definition to the image.

Perhaps most importantly, be sure your client understands that the old computer axiom applies to both computing and working with old video formats: Garbage in, garbage out. Putting lipstick on a pig won’t gussy it up much and no amount of tinkering will make old VHS tapes look like today’s HD images.

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