>>We are using Panas


>>We are using Panasonic SDR10 video cams with SD cards because capturing video was a pain on a PC system. We are both PC users and have never touched this Mac yet. But, we know PC’s really do not handlevideo well.<<

Actually, PCs can handle video as well as MACs do. There are plenty of pro editing and effects houses using them.

>>What is the best way to learn video editing? <<

Personally, I would suggest taking a class on Editing with the Final Cut. Barring that a video instructional series like the one available at Lynda.com or TotalTraining.com can be a very useful tool for learning the basics of how your software works. After you understand the software a course, or books on the aesthetics and art of editing can be very useful.

>>Would the jump to Final Cut Studio 2 be rough for OK for beginners?<<

As an instructor I would suggest against just jumping into using a suite of programs like FCS. From my experience the majority of people who teach themselves an application or who learn on the job tend to end up with massive gaps in there knowledge base. They often know ho to accomplish specific tasks but lack an understanding of why they are doing somethings and not others.

>>Are we missing a lot if we use Flash video over HD if we are just beginning? If not flash video, what camera format is best No compression? or 720p or 1080i etc?<<

You aren’t using Flash video. Flash video is a video format intended for the deliever of web video using the Adobe Flash platform. Currently, your choice would be between Sd (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) footage.

All cameras at the prosumer/consumer level use some form of compression. Uncompressed footage is for the top tier of production the system requirements to edit it are far outside of most computer systems around.

720p and 1080i are two different hd standards. They basically represent different sizes of video. They are 2 of the twelve different competing digital television standards.

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