wayne that’s not going to


wayne that’s not going to be a viable option for me, since i work so much at my regular job there are only bits and pieces of a day i can steal. i need to have it all setup, cameras and all, so i can just flip the lights on and film a bit, turn the lights off, and repeat as i need it. i have hours upon hours upon hours of courses to film, and i’ve got to be able to do it at home.

it’s going to require a facility. the question is only if 19 x 23 x 10 feet high is adequate for filming. if that’s ok, i can build walls and soundproof that area for around 3k and i’m good to go.

when i originally posted this thread, i was just starting to build the studio. i did build it at 24 by 36 by 12 feet high and i sprayed it with dense foam and drywalled the walls but not the ceiling. i put in a wooden floor you can drive a truck on. this has been sitting unfinished for well over a year, and now i’m finally on top of my finances enough where i can actually kick this enterprise off..

so, is 23 x 19 x 10 feet high adequate? :). i’m using flourescent lights, by the way.

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