@Wayne – Thanks. Early on


@Wayne – Thanks. Early on I realized that a good opening title would help grab the viewer’s attention and have them for at least a couple of minutes (if you want them more, your production needs to do it from that point – not just video & audio, but including voiceover, music, special fx, etc…).

@Gregory – With your permission I will put together a quick opener for you. Just a couple of questions. 1) What does Tasana mean or stand for? 2) What is it’s significance to you? 3) What else (symbolically) would you consider describes you, your views on production or your company?

For example, my production company is named 7Squared Productions (registered in FL as a DBA, soon to be a corporation). I got that from the first time I kissed my wife on the lips – It was on April 9, which is 4/9; remove the separator and you have 49, which is the product of seven times seven which can be written as 7 squared – Convoluted? Sure, but it has significance to my wife and I.

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