Way back in CS3, my first


Way back in CS3, my first version of ENCORE, I was confused, made a lot of mistakes, shredded a lot of useless discs. So yeah, it takes some thinking and watching of tutorial videos to get to the point where you realize it is so flexible that when you move to another product you immediately realize how limited wizards and EZ Step programs can be. Now that I've done just about everything with ENCORE in combination with PPro and Photoshop, I wouldn't trade it. However, I am aware that Adobe will no longer be updating ENCORE so you may want to switch to, and learn, a product that has a longer lifespan.


I just rendered out a Wedding DVD providing copies to the bride to sent to relatives, many of whom have DVD players but not access or ability to watch on the internet. I also provided a DVD ROM of the wedding as well so they could upload and share as they wish.


The DVD upscaled well for the big tv crowd and I didn't provide a blu ray version; I wasn't asked. In fact, if anything is dead for me it's requests to build Blu-Rays.


One great thing about DVD's, as ROM there is not less expensive way to desimate physical copies. The least expensive USB or SD card is still far more expensive than a DVD. Many of my business clients require a physical 'thing' to complete a project so they get a hi-def file on DVD ROM.




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