Way back I had the very sa


Way back I had the very same thing going on. In fact a few years ago, I had a DVD set-top player that was less than a year old and when I was trying to play my disks it would error out. At this point I always thought I was doing something wrong. Finally I ran over to my neighbor’s house and tried playing it on his and it worked fine. In researching this more I discovered over the Inet that a lot of times it’s the make and model of the various set-top DVD players being the culprit. I wish I could remember the website. It actually listed and rated the players by brand and model number. So I looked my player up on this website and sure enough. It was rated BAD! I was so mad I tossed it out and bought a new one. Never had a problem since. Some just don’t like playing home burned DVDs. Like you I occasionally do projects that will require burning 50 or maybe 100 disks and then sell to clients/customers. For me I have the best success rate using either Verbaitum or Philips -R’s but here’s the clinker. I burn these @ 2X. That part sucks but I guess if that’s the combination of variables that works for me so be it. I just did 2 major projects (150 disks in all) and I have not had anyone call me up and complain about the disks not working.

For the most part you addressed everything very well. What we are fighting with as producers are, different medias, different set-top players, different burners, different software, different burn speeds and so fourth. I guess you just need to find the right combination like I did and go with it. One of these days it will be a perfect world and everything will work like it is supposed too!


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