Watched it all. First thin


Watched it all. First thing that comes to MY mind is why, when the man’s name is all over the article accompanying the video, there’s a perceived need to put him in silhouette more or less, making it impossible to determine his features or what he looks like – was there some element of racial profiling in play? Was his appearance that of an individual who, in spite of accent or speech patterns, could be considered typical of terrorist activity?

Then what comes to mind is that in the majority of major stateside metropolitan areas here, most especially Washington D.C., New York, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles, NO police officer would have been as patient OR polite. I fear that such an occurrence here would have resulted in NO video footage because the guy would have been worked over with a baton and the camera and its media inadvertently destroyed in the process.

Not having read all of The Patriot Act I am not certain how far an officer of the law taking this approach to me, a 61-year-old, white-haired caucasian, would allow me to go, or to continue recording, were I to be approached and asked my “purposes” in videotaping, say, a holiday parade downtown, ANYWHERE, USA.

I have, when doing some guerrilla-style acquisition in Long Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, been asked to “cease and desist” when I got “noticed” by respective law enforcement people and I could not present them with the requested PERMIT. However, on several of those occasions I have been able to “convince” them I was simply a visiting tourist from another part of the state, capturing random footage to make a personal travel video.

Of course I did it politely, without raising my voice and without acting overly weird (I think) in the process. With the ones who came on like heavies, I simply said “yes sir” and stopped taping. Then, when the coast was clear, held the camera at waist level in the crook of my arm, turned my viewfinder vertical (or eyeballed the POV) and resumed shooting again, guerrilla style.

Sometimes it is better to not start a fight you cannot win. Beats the baton, or being beaten with one. 🙂 But you still have to worry about how bad such things are going to get until we’re all on some form of Prozac and our respective governments are the ones filling the prescriptions just to help keep us “a bit easier to control.”

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