Was the music they played

AvatarKevin Mc

Was the music they played original, or covers of other band’s songs. If covers – no one gets paid. If originals, the lawyers are correct – you needed a contract. Essentially, you’re making money from someone else’s music. I am both a pro videographer and a musician. I record bands often. If it’s a paid gig (recording the video and audio) I let the artist upload it to their channel. I will wait for them to upload it, then I’ll upload the same video to my channel – to show off to future/potential clients. From what I’ve seen, YouTube gives favor in their search results to the version that was uploaded first. If you’re not making much $$ from their video (and I’m sure you’re not), let the band have it and avoid going to court. Chalk it up to experience. Some people are just greedy. But, if the music is all original (they wrote the songs), they would (I think) have the right to any royalties earned. Use a contract next time 🙂

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