Was that $3200 max for EAC


Was that $3200 max for EACH camcorder, or for 2 camcorders? If for 2 camcorders, that seriously limits options. Here are my suggestions:

A year or 2 ago, there were 3 very good high-end consumer camcorders.
Canon Optura XI, Panasonic PV-GS400, and Sony DCR-HC1000. You might still be able to find new ones somewhere.

As for what’s available now, Panasonic makes a couple inexpensive semi-professional shoulder-mount camcorders: the single-chip DVC7 and the 3-chip DVC20. But if you could increase your budget a little, either the Canon GL2 or the Panasonic DVC30 are solid professional units. Someone suggested the Panasonic DVC60 or DVX100, both fine camcorders (the DVX100 is awsome), but more expensive.

If the budget you stated was for EACH camcorder, then that opens up a lot of excellent choices, but it would help if you told us a few things:
1. How important is low light performance? (Larger CCDs usually work best for that.)
2. Going to use an external mic in an electrically-noisey area? (Woud want XLR inputs for that.)
3. Going to be hand holding the camcorder much? (Shoulder-mount is good for that.)
4. Going to need extreme telephoto? (Nature, sports, or survellance might need that.)

That’s my 3 cents worth. πŸ™‚

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