Warning -Reliability/warra


Warning -Reliability/warranty issues HV-20. After 20 mins of filming my new HV-20 failed and was returned to Cannon Australia. A Faulty circuit card was replaced under warranty and my HV-20 returned to full makers specifications. Unfortunately I was unable to download filming to my computer. My HV-20 was returned to Cannon under warranty. Cannon reluctantly fixed my HV-20 but claim operator error in connecting the firewire cable, which caused a spike (Cannon recommend turning off the computer prior to connecting the cable). Cannon have stated that they will not repair my camcorder again under a warranty claim with a similar fault. Fact: my HV-20 failed while stored, it was not connected to a computer. Fact: the second fault was different in nature to the first fault. The negative response from Cannon could be because I asked for a refund and pursued the matter with Consumer Protection. Has anybody had a similar experience with Cannon?

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