So I don’t do a complete HiJack on this thread, I have read the forums and all the info I could find since August a year ago. I took over three months gathering info before I purchased my camera. And it is strictly for personal usage. I did choose to go with tape and buy the Sony DCR-VX2100 from B&H and chose it for the low light capabilities. I have done quite a few basketball games in less than well lit gyms and they generally have been great. I also did a dance recital with a 5+ minute black light routine. I had no idea what I was doing and used all auto features (I can hear the groans) on the camera. It was unbelievably impressive and surprised everyone I have shown it to. The only setting I have changed so far, is the Day/Night filter and the camera tells me when to change that. Doing football games at the present time, they start in the bright sun and end under lights.

So far, my orders from B&H have been close to 6K and all by reading recommenations mainly from this forum, and I don’t yet have a computer adequate for editing. I am purchasing equipment as I have the need and should be getting a computer within the next 2 to 3 months. I have been in computers (servicing large IBM and personal) since the late ”70s and hate to say, but I will probably go with a Mac. So there is another two months research, so I don’t over or under buy to do what I want to do. I won’t be doing weddings or anything like that. (I hope!)

Now back to the scheduled hijack.

Thanks to TheDVshow for the help. Glad you could understand what I was trying to say.

Yes, I am talking about the pass through method of taking the HD camera through the 2100. If I take the HD Camera (or DVD camera or DVD) if the need arises) directly to the computer it is already compressed and less apt to get a good edit. (so I have read) So if I take it to the computer via the 2100, I should get a better quality of final result. If I get a "best of" DVD done, I will combine clips from three cameras this year. As I get better videoing skills, I will use only my own tapes. But at present, I still miss some of the action and make lots of goofs. Like anything else in life, the better the operator, the easier the task looks. And it ain’t easy for me.

I read the referenced article on TheDVshow.com and it seems I don’t even need to transfer to tape, but just go through the camera to the computer. Neat. This should also save wear on the heads. Great site and sorry to say I have not been there before. But I will be visiting often from now on. Very informative site. It is now in my favorites.

I realize that Mini DV is not the ideal archival media but over the years, if stored properly tape has had a decent life. And it will be more accessable than the 8 mm, VHS and VHS-C that has been passed to me for saving.

And a final note on VideoMaker. I have not found the magazine to be very helpful to a newbie, and after calling AND e-mailing customerservice@videomaker.com I found the personel there equally less than helpful. The value is in this forum, not the mag.

In my opinion, eventDV Mag seems to be better for us newbies.

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