Wait, I’m confused, I thou


Wait, I’m confused, I thought the HV10 was like $1300? Anyway thanks for the reply. I’m going to be using the video for making short productions of my friends and I biking, boarding, etc. but my family will also be using it on vacations and such. I will probably host them on the internet and send to local extreme T.V. channels. I’m a junior in high school, and an aspiring filmer. This will be my first real camera, and I hope to make movies and extreme sport films with my friends. I want HD quality but don’t need a super expensive machine so that is why I’m looking at this level of camera. The canon seems to be perfect, but the hand position seems awkward, and the zoom control is hard to maneuver, so I’ve heard. The Sony also seems like it would be great, but I’ve had some people tell me not to go sony. Any advice or suggestions would really help me out.

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